2013 – Stephen Rogoski, Michael Kampf, 
Rodney Pierson, Matthew Shimkus, Alfred Callahan, Nicholas Aldrich

Posted January 16, 2014 by Dan under Larry Williams Medal of Valor

Fire crews responded to a structure fire at a residence at 5 Bellows Lane in Southampton Village. Captain Rogoski was the first on the scene. When he heard that someone was inside, he made a push into the fully involved home to find the elderly woman. Chief Pierson arrived shortly after and also attempted to get into the building. The Chief heard the woman yelling but was unable to locate her because the smoke and heat were becoming unbearable, neither of them had time to put on equipment and made the push completely unprotected.

When the crews arrived, they made another push into the smoke-filled home. Second Lieutenant Christopher Capalbo and his crew went down a narrow hallway, while Lt. Shimkus and Chief Kampf searched the bedroom where they found the woman under a bed. Lt. Callahan grabbed Lt. Capalbo and pointed him into the room. As Lt. Callihan cleared a path back to the front door, Chief Kampf and Lt. Shimkus handed the victim to Lt. Capalbo who removed the victim.

The woman was pulled from the fire without a pulse and was not breathing. Lt. Callahan said he began CPR with the assistance of Southampton Village Police until ambulance crews arrived. Resuscitation efforts were continued on the scene and during the transport to the hospital. By the time she arrived at the hospital, the woman had a sustainable pulse and blood pressure, but was in critical condition. The 95 year old victim later died at Southampton Hospital as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.