The Larry Williams Memorial
Gold Medal of Valor Award
  The Harold Lally
Lifetime Achievement Award
     This award is presented in memory of the Emerald Society's Vice President Larry Williams of the Hauppauge Fire Department. Larry passed away in May of 1996.
     Larry was a 23 year member of the Hauppauge Fire Department where he was a past officer of the Truck Company and an Ex-Captain of Engine Company # 3. Larry served on many of Hauppauge's committees, including the Color Guard, the Training Committee and the By-Laws Committee.
     His faithful service and leadership as Vice President of the Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Emerald Society will always be remembered.
       This award is presented in memory of the Emerald Society's Treasurer Harold Lally, a 25 year member of the Medford Fire Department.
     Harold was a devoted volunteer firefighter who served as a member of many committees in his department. In 1990 he was honored with an award for outstanding dedication to the Medford Fire Department. Harold was also a Past President of the Brookhaven Town Volunteer Firemen's Association, a member of the Credentials Committee of the Suffolk County Volunteer Firemen's Association as well as Treasurer of the Emerald Society.
     Harold was a proud Korean War Veteran and a member of the Medford VFW and American Legion Posts.


The Brennan-Schrang Memorial Valor Award
Peter Brennan

     Pete joined the Hauppauge Fire Department on November 1, 1999. Prior to joining Hauppauge, Pete had been a member of the Lakeland Fire Department for over 11 years. Pete had also been a firefighter with the F.D.N.Y. since October, 1995. He was assigned to Rescue  4.
     On March 19, 2001, Pete was assisting the Lakeland Fire Department at the scene of a working house fire. Early in the operation, two probationary firefighters advised Pete that the basement stairs had collapsed and that there were firefighters trapped in the basement. He directed the probies to get an attic ladder and a rope. Then, without regard for his own safety, he entered the building. Just as he did so, there was a flashover and flames were now impinging on the vestibule area where Pete had entered. Pete saw that a Lakeland firefighter was at the entrance to the basement and that he was holding onto one of the four trapped firefighters. Pete sat on the Lakeland firefighter's legs to help stabilize him and, at the same time, he grabbed a hose line and used it to hold back the flames. The probationary firefighters returned with the attic ladder, which they placed in the opening, allowing the trapped firefighters to escape.
     For his actions at the scene of this fire, Pete was awarded the Medal of Valor by the Hauppauge Fire Department, the Long Island Gold Award of Valor by the 1st Responder Newspaper and the Suffolk Volunteer Firefighters Emerald Society Medal of Valor.
     Unfortunately, all of these awards were presented posthumously. Pete Brennan, while working at his job with the F.D.N.Y., was killed on September 11, 2001 in the collapse of the World Trade Center.
Gerard Schrang

     Gerry Schrang joined the Holbrook Fire Department's junior drill team in 1969, at the age of 13. Following 4 very active years with the junior squad, Gerry applied to join the department. His application was sponsored by his father, a past Lt. in Jupiter 27 Company. Gerry was sworn in on May 8, 1973. He was a very active firefighter who eagerly participated in the department's training programs.
     Gerry became a 2nd Lieutenant in 1979, 1st Lieutenant in 1981 and Captain of Jupiter 27 Co. in 1983. After completing his term as Captain he was elected to the position of 2nd Assistant Chief in 1985, 1st Assistant Chief in 1987 and 32nd Chief of Department in 1990.
     Gerry was also a firefighter with the F.D.N.Y. On September 11, 2001 while serving with Rescue Company 3, he was killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center. Gerry is survived by his wife Denise and his son Brian. Brian joined Jupiter 27 Company in 2002, becoming the third generation of his family to proudly serve with the Holbrook Fire Department.

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