2013 – Jack McLoughlin

Posted January 16, 2014 by Dan under Harold Lally Lifetime Achievement Award

Jack joined the Hauppauge FD in 1964 and is assigned to Engine Co. 4 where he has the rank of Ex-Captain.  He has been with the department everyday since then, and was awarded a Smithtown Chiefs Council Citation in February of 1991.

In 1968, Jack founded his company Fire Research, after just four years of being a volunteer firefighter.  His engineering background and creative thinking helped him create a company whose sole purpose was to advance and modernize equipment in the fire service. Every fireman is familiar with the Skull Saver – it was designed by Jack many years ago. Jack also designed and marketed the first electronic water level gauge in the fire industry and the first electronic governor. He holds 37 patents for his innovations. After 45 years of running and expanding this successful venture, Jack stepped down as President of Fire Research this year, but remains working to continue the success of this company.  His hard work with this company now reaches around the globe as his business has grown internationally. Jack is also a charter member of FAMA – the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association serving as Chairman of the Statistics Committee and has received their prestigious award – Star Achiever.

Throughout his many years of service to the fire service, Jack has always had one intention, and that is to make everything better.  He is never satisfied with “good enough”  and has worked on countless ideas to improve the quality and innovation of equipment and safety on the fireground. The only trait that trumps his work ethic is his benevolence. Jack above and beyond everything else is a family man, to quote Jack the achievement he is most proud of is being husband to Sherry, father to eight children and grandfather to fourteen. His kindness and generosity is not just limited to his large family, but to everyone he comes across. To this day he does all that he can do for anyone that needs help. Throughout the years Jack has offered support and employment at his company to many fellow firefighters and aided others in ways most of us will never hear about. Recently the Hauppauge Fire Department unveiled a new 9/11 Memorial, and Jack was an incredible resource and donated an incredible amount of time, thought, and effort into this project, all while hiding behind the scenes.

Next year, Jack will achieve his 50 years of service, but he didn’t earn it by hanging out in the kitchen or the lounge; he has earned it by working hard everyday to ensure that when he leaves the fire service, it will be in much better shape than when he found it.