2013 – Kevin Bader, James Deutcsh, Christopher Rodriguez, Daniel Desoiza

Posted January 16, 2014 by Dan under Brennan-Schrang Valor Award

On Monday, April 15, 2013, at approximately 1725, the Coram Fire Department ambulance was returning from St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson after bringing a patient to the emergency room. While en route back to Coram, Coram Paramedic Bob Peters began experiencing chest pain and notified the driver of the ambulance that he needed to go back to the hospital. Shortly after that statement the Paramedic became unresponsive. The driver immediately alerted the Terryville Fire Department dispatcher of the situation and advised them he was responding to the Terryville Headquarters for assistance.

The Coram ambulance arrived at Terryville at the same time that Terryville EMT-CC Kevin Bader walked into the firehouse early for the start of his 1800 shift. EMT-CC Bader was advised of the situation and immediately ran to the aide of the patient. He found the Paramedic on the ground in cardiac arrest after being removed from the ambulance. Terryville EMT-CC Bader and Coram EMT Chris Rodriguez aggressively treated the patient with Basic Life Supportive measures including CPR. EMT-CC Bader was given the cardiac monitor from Coram Fire Department ambulance. After assessing the patients EKG rhythm, he was found to be in Ventricular Fibrillation.

Once EMT-CC Bader recognized that the patient was in a lethal cardiac rhythm he managed to successfully defibrillate the patient one time. Once this life saving action was completed, the patient had a return of spontaneous circulation. Upon the return of spontaneous circulation the patient regained consciousness during the transport to St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson by a combination crew of Terryville Fire District EMS and Coram Fire Department EMS personnel. The patient was later taken to University Hospital Stony Brook where he is listed in stable condition.

Coram Paramedic Bob Peters’ life was saved thanks to the efforts of Terryville EMT-CC Kevin Bader and Coram EMT Chris Rodriguez.